All Applicants should be familiar with the Durango Farmers Market Bylaws and Rules and Regulations before submitting an application.


Rules and Regulations

2021 Market Applications are available now!

Please review the guidelines for each catagory below and download the appropriate application for your products / services.

*Please note that ALL vendor types will be requested to have and display a Vendor Information Card (VIC) this year.  Be sure to fill out ALL sections of your application.*

Due to our method of artisan vendor rotations, we do not accept artisan applicaitons after the March 1st deadline.  Other vendor categories such as Ready to Eat, Value Added, Servce and Hemp vendors are limited to a set number of spaces for a season.  If you are interested in applying for one of these categories, email the market manager to inquire about space availibility.

If your application for the regular season is submitted after March 1st, please enclose the $25 late fee, as well as the $25 application fee, in order to be considered.

* It is free to submit an Informational or Agricultural Incubator application. *

* It is also free to submit a seasonal market application for the THANKSGIVING MARKET or the HOLIDAY MARKET. Please use the regular applications available on the left, and be sure to use the appropriate vendor type application. If you are unsure, please check the descriptions below. Please mark your application with what seasonal market(s) you are interested in. Thanksgiving Market applications must be received by October 30th, 2021. Holiday Market applications must be received by November 13th, 2021. For dates and more info on both markets, visit our Seasonal Markets page. *

Please be aware that all vendors must live within, and produce their goods within, the following five counties: La Plata, Montezuma, Archuleta, San Juan NM or San Juan CO.  A single booth space is $40 a week, with a $360 cap for the season for first and second year Agricultural vendors. All other vendors have a $440 cap for the season.  We hold market for 25 consecutive weeks from the second Saturday in May through the last Saturday of October (2021 season will have 26 consectuive weeks). Vendors are not required to attend every single market. For other questions, please refer to the DFM By-Laws and Rules and Regulations on the left. Any other questions, please go to our Contact Us page.

* All accepted vendors are required to carry limited liability insurance as well as a business license with the City of Durango. *

Please refer to our By-Laws & Rules and Regulations for general questions and inquiries. Otherwise, click the Contact Us page.

VENDOR TYPES (links to applications are on the left side bar and below)

* If you are producing veggies, fruit, meat, cheese, flowers, micro-greens,  or landscaping/gardening plants, please complete the Agricultural application.

*If you grow your own hemp with a State IH certification and would like to sell your own manufactured hemp products, please complete the Hemp application.

* Producing your own hand-made goods such as body care products, jewelry, clothes, pottery, paintings, etc.? Please complete the Artisan application.

* Interested in serving food or beverages you have prepared according to state health regulations? Please use the Ready To Eat/Beverage application.

* Value Added applicants are those producing their own packaged food products in a commercial kitchen or under the Colorado Cottage Industry Act. Please use the Value-Added application.

* If you are offering a service to the community such as acupuncture or massage, etc., please use a Services application.

* Are you with a community group, or business interested in tabling at the market? If so, please fill out an Informational Booth application at no charge.

* Are you a start-up farmer or rancher interested in a trial run at the market? If so, please fill out an Agricultural Incubator application at no charge.

*  If you are interested in playing music, contact the Market or Music Manager, by clicking on the Contact Us page. Shade tent, PA, 3 microphones, a monitor, and free coffee are provided!

All applicants - please mail your completed application and fee(s) to:

Attn. Market Manager
Durango Farmers Market
PO Box 3761
Durango, CO 81302