Eat Local ALL YEAR!

Winter Food Options


Botanical Companions:  Microgreens available through a Monthly Subscription delivered to Durango each Thursday for customers to pick-up or have delivered to their home!

Custom Single Half-tray orders are available with a 2 week lead-time.... Sunflowers are a popular nutty choice, Broccoli is commonly used to aid in healing from Cancer, and Specialty Microgreens are great for special events!!

Choose to stay healthy this winter with nutrient-dense superfood greens by requesting yours at: OR please call or email, 970-903-0182.

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Bee-orn ApiariesCertified Naturally Grown Comb Honey available in 1/2 Pint and Pint jars. Contact phone number is (505) 258-0623 , Mary or Steve Rankin or email to arrange meeting time and pick up.


Pitts Family Ranch: Pitts Family Ranch will be selling our meats and sausage at the Flying Fish Market on Fridays year round. USDA Beef. Pork, and lamb, pastured eggs and rendered pastured pork lard and USDA fats. Located behind Star Liquors. Hours 8:30-6 only on Fridays. Also available at our Ranch every day. Call or text with questions or orders 541-778-4271.

Sacred Song Farm:  Products offered: 100% Grass Fed Beef, 100% Grass Fed Lamb, Non GMO Forest Fed Pork
 and a Grass Fed Meat CSA (monthly deliveries)
Contact info:
Products available for purchase on-farm or through Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery Farmer's Market in Cortez every Saturday from 10AM-1PM. November-March.

Sky Blue Farm:  Selling mangalitsa meat during the off season.  We will attend the Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery Farmer's Market in Cortez and the Seven Rivers Market.

Here is our website with all information : 

Jake's Farm: Free range pastured poultry available: chicken, turkey and quail.

USDA pork, free range chicken eggs, and jams jellies and pickles.

Products are available to pick up from the farm.  Please contact us: 970-844-0800 or

Jakes Farm can also be found at the Seven Rivers Market