Privacy Statement

The Durango Farmers Market Mailchimp account collects information from you when you fill out our newletter sign up. Information such as your email address and full name can be added by the person signing up for the newsletter. This is an OPT-IN arrangement meaning that by filling out the form you choose to allow us to collect this information for the purposed of sending a newsletter.

Minimal contact information such as Name, email address and phone number (optional) can also be submit through our "Contact Us" page.  By filling out this form you choose to allow us to recieve this information for the purpose of responding to your comment or request. This information is not stored and is deleted when the communication is completed.

The Durango Farmers Market will NEVER knowingly sell, distribute or otherwise release your submitted information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

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Date of most recent statement update: July 14, 2022