Community Support for the Rohwer Family


Judy, Heidi, Angela Rohwer and Zackery Berg are the family members that make up the Rohwer's Farm team. They have been selling at farmers' markets since 2006, starting in Cortez and moving to the Durango Farmers Market in 2009, where they have made many friends and are sincerely loved. Farming has been the family's full-time occupation since 2016.

On Saturday, May 21st, 2022, all four family members were involved in a head-on collision on their way to the Durango Farmers Market. Article from the May 23rd Durango Herald.

Judy did not survive the accident, and Heidi, Angela and Zack were all hospitalized with injuries that will prevent them from running the farm for the rest of this year.

The Community has come together to help support this family in their grief, healing and loss of income.

Here are some ways you can help:

Farm Help:  The CSU extension officers in both La Plata County and Montezuma counties have organized a volunteer sign up.  Volunteers can expect to help with weeding, planting, harvesting or other tasks that need doing.  Sign up HERE.

Food contributions: Heidi, Angela and Zack left most of the meal-making to Judy, which freed them up to do the farm work.  As they figure out how to navigate without Judy and with extra physical challenges, we would like to keep them well-fed.  Heidi is a vegetarian and they may have family members staying with them throughout different times over the next year.  Please check in here for food contribution information.

Financial support:  Volunteers will keep the farm functional, but the normal work load that the family put into their crops and animals just can't all be covered by volunteers!  Their normal means of financial income will be severely diminished this year.  To their normal costs will be added significant medical costs, travel costs, and the costs of equipment replacement from the accident.  Insurance will cover some of this, but we all know there are always extra financial needs that don't get covered.  We want to ease the family's financial worries so they can focus on healing and be ready to tend to their land in 2023.  There are a few ways to offer a monetary contribution.

As of the first week of August, we will be closing down the Go Fund Me page, which has offered such an amazing way for our community far and wide to send support.  Now that Heidi and Angela are back home, you can offer donations directly to them at their booth at the market or at the Info booth at the market.  Checks can now be made out to 'Angela Rohwer' and will be used for all farm and medical expenses and their recovery needs.

The Pleasant View Fire Department, where Angela has been the chief and Heidi an EMT, has also set up an account at the First National Bank in Cortez. Checks can be made out to the bank and "Rohwer" written in the memo line.

For any market customers, donations can be made to the Rohwer's at their booth if it is at the market that day (neighbors and friends will bring farm produce in when/if available this summer) or at the Market's Informational booth, which can always be found in Pepper Place row (see our map).

Additional news articles:
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Thank you for your love and support,
Melanie Gonzales (Market Manager) and the Durango Farmers Market family